¡¡ ¡¡Benefits of Humic Acid & Carbon Based Fertillzers¡ª¡ª
¡¡ ¡¡from Greentech Suzhou - China

Great for Plant Nutrition

  • Greatly increases root systems organisms
  • Serves as an organic catalyst for all plant functions
  • Improves trace element nutrition through chelation
  • Improves the color and quality of harvested crops
  • Affects the release of plant nutrients by organic decomposition
  • Holds exchangeable plant macro & micro nutrients
  • Cell division is accelerated producing stronger and faster growing seedlings
  • Produces stronger and healthier plants by decreasing stress deterioration
  • Increases the permeability of plant membranes and seed germination capaclty
  • Improves the fruit and vegetable sugar content up to 9£¥ and shelf storage life by 8 days
  • Spurs plant growth via presence of auxin-type reactions and aids in correcting plant chloroses
  • Speeds plant recovery ability after damage£¬pruning or mowing
  • Enhanced nutrient availability via superior exchange and buffering properties
  • Increases protein and vitamin content in forage and grains

Improve Soil Condition

  • Improves soils physical properties
  • Increases plant efficiency by yielding more dry matter
  • Supplies biochemically-active chelation compounds
  • Improves ability to resist frost and pests
  • Speeds reduction of field stubble into needed humus
  • Intensifies enzyme systems
  • Assists in balancing of soil Ph
  • Reduces the usage of chemical fertilizers
  • Supplies the needed humus at a fraction of the cost of manure
  • Improves soil structure via aeration
  • Participates activity in the decomposition of soil forming rocks£¬minerals£¬and organic material thereby creating new soil formation

Enhance Water Capabilities

  • Improves soil moisture conditions
  • Increases capacity for water retention in soil by as much as 95£¥
  • Functions as a respiratory catalyst
  • Promotes soil drainage
  • Prevents crusting of soils thereby increasing water acceptance
  • Reduces soil erosion
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