¡¡ ¡¡¡¡What is NutriGROW & Why Use It?  

NutriGROW is¡­

  • Technological breakthrough in feritilization
  • ORGANIC altemative to chemical fertilizers
  • Part of a complete fertilization system
  • Liquid & water soluble fertilizer
  • Highly efficient & slow release plant food
  • Economically superior to traditional fertilizers
  • Practical & flexible approach to fertilizer and its application
  • Revolutionizing the agricultural community
  • Simple for everyone to use£¬from the garden to the farm

NutriGROW because¡­

  • Safe for children & pets after application
  • Versatile & easy to use
  • Less toxic than chemical fertilizers without giving up efficiency
  • Produces hardier & better tasting crops
  • 96£¥effectiveÒ»3 times the rate of traditional fertilizers
  • Generates higher yields
  • No nitrate runoffs or excess nitrate content in food
  • Requires less water than traditional fertilizers
  • Economically & environmentally friendly

Clicks on the enlargement¡¡Clicks on the enlargement

Clicks on the enlargement

NutriGROW...it makes Earth Sense!

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